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Jon Martin


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Close-up magic for corporate events, weddings, sports club awards, birthdays and family occasions. Let me provide the astonishment, the laughs and the WOW factor for your next event.


Magic is all about you, the spectator. It's all about the emotion and the reaction, it's about the impossible and that brief hiccup in reality.

My magic is all about this engagement with those I am performing for, whether it is a group of friends at a table or an audience of a hundred in a theatre.

Nothing tacky or cheesy, no swearing or inappropriate jokes for a cheap laugh at a spectators expense, instead the magic is smart and intelligent. Performances for audiences who loved to be entertained and involved in the show.

Jon spent a couple hours mixing amongst 20 guests pre dinner and during first part of dinner. He was clever funny and very well connected with his audience. All of the guests were absolutely delighted with his performance which was perfectly pitched for the occasion.

House Party - Pre Dinner  in Tregulland Cottage and Barns, Saint Clether, Launceston

Jon did 2 hours of table magic at our coronation picnic, tables of eight aged under 1 to 93, all you could hear from the tables Jon was working on was clapping and cheering. Very good close up magic in several forms, he was brilliant including everyone. Highly recommended

Coronation Big Picnic Event - Brayford, Barnstaple EX32 7QR

Jon was brilliant and really added some magic to our corporate Christmas party event.

Everyone really enjoyed his card tricks! He was very sociable, ensuring he went around to everyone.

Highly recommend :)

Thank you Jon!

Corporate Event in Aubrey Park Hotel, Hemel Hempstead Road, Redbourn, St Albans

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