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“I would also like to thank you for such a powerful, fun and engaging day that really helped to demonstrate to the children who may otherwise say 'I don't like maths', that maths IS for everyone and that we can all learn in a variety of ways. It was wonderful to see the children actively trying to work out how you had performed the trick and I love the way that so many talked about going home to share it with their family. That is the sign of a great workshop!"

Victoria Lock, Headteacher at Devoran Primary School.

Magic Maths is my in-school educational day aimed at KS2 and KS3 students to help them engage with Mathematics. I will teach them very cool tricks that work solely on Maths, no sleight of hand, no gimmicks or Magician’s secret knowledge. These tricks just use the Maths you have already taught your pupils as part of the regular Maths curriculum, but, most importantly it also shows the creativity and wonder of Maths when you approach the subject from a different perspective. I guarantee to fool them - and probably you as well!

Each Magic Maths day starts with a 25-minute assembly show and then we move into classroom sessions which can be bespoke timetabled to school, Classroom and Year Group size.


Cornwall:  £280 per day

Devon: £280 per day plus mileage

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