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A Bit About Me


I thought a little introduction would be a great place to start a blog...

I'm Jon Martin, I've been a full time Magician since May 2019, before that I have managed pubs, been a cycle courier in London and worked in manufacturing for a bespoke guitar pickup company...but not in that order.

Jon Martin Magic Blog

I never had a Grandad / Uncle (or indeed any old relative) who taught me my first magic trick, I never had a Paul Daniels Magic Set for Christmas and didn't know anyone that performed any kind of Magic or Sleight of Hand but I did always enjoy watching it on TV.

So how did I get to be a Professional Magician?

When the Magic bug bites, it bites hard. I was running a pub and thought it would be fun to teach myself a couple of tricks to show the locals. Instead I discovered a whole new world full of amazement, comedy, creativity, history and friendship. I guess I performed my first trick over the bar at the Trengily Wartha Inn in 2003. I still drink there, and the locals love to remind me how many routines went wrong back then. But ‘every journey starts with a single step’, they say, and I have been teaching myself Sleight of Hand, Close Up Magic and Mentalism ever since.

Fast forward to 2019, I was working for the guitar company but I wasn't happy. Magic is what I loved and by then I had performed a lot of shows, so the choice was simple: carry on working with a company I didn't like or do something about it! I handed my notice in, took the plunge, and I can honestly say I have never looked back.

Oh,... and if you're ever in the Trengilly Wartha, (in Constantine, near Falmouth), and I'm there and you want to see a routine or two, please just ask. I’m always happy to share some Magic

Speak soon.


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